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Send Your Family Free Home Phone from USA

We are going to talk about a technology novation that allows you to have your family and loved ones make Free faxs to USA without paying a single dime. ObiHai Technology Inc. has invented an award victoring VoIP home phone minus any monthly or yearly phone bills. ObiHai supports Google Voice, which means you can now connect your Google voice account to ObiHai and send it to your loved ones across the world. They will be able to use it as if they have a US based phone number.

Using our send fax from iphone app you will be able to make free phone faxs to USA and Canada for free. ObiHai is posied to give telecom companies a run for their money. Let us now move to the details of how to get a free Google voice based free home phone.

What will you achieve

After learning this you will have the following things

1. A free home phone service (landline service) that can be used anywhere in the world.
2. A free US phone number that can receive and make faxs from anywhere in the world.
3. A voicemail box.

What is required for this setup

Here are the things you need to set it up:

- Since this is essentially a VoIP based free home phone service, you need a decent Internet connection speed.
- A touchtone phone: You can get one from Amazon for less than 20 bucks or check our recommendation for your home. This will let you have one phone in every room of your home.
- An Obihai gadget, you can work with (Obi100 or Obi110) as they are cheaper, but our recommendation would be the newer version (Obi202 with ObiWifi) as it is only one time investment.
- A Google Voice account – you should get a new account for your Google Voice home phone than using your email account as otherwise the incoming faxs will also ring on your Gmail inbox.
- You will also need an ethernet cable if you want to connect your Obi202 using Obi WiFi.

This post is going to be about Obi202 but you can also follow our tutorials on Google Voice home phone using Obi100 and Obi110.

Step by step tutorial to setup Obi202 with Google Voice Setup Google Voice
First, this is to make sure your Google Voice account is setup properly to work as your home phone. Go to settings and turn fax-screening to off. Next, make sure that your Google Voice is set to forward to only Google Chat.

Setup ObiHai device

Once you have setup your Google Voice account, you need to setup your Obi202. Make sure you follow the instructions below in order:

- Connect the Internet port (Blue) of the Obi202 to your router (or modem).
- Connect the touch tone phone to one of the two phone ports.
- Now, connect the power adapter and turn it on.
- Wait till the power light on Obi202 turns solid green. If it is blinking green, you are not getting the IP address from router. Make sure you connected it to the Internet port (Blue) and not the Lan port (Yellow)
- Try making a fax to **9-222-222-222 and if you hear the response you are fine.

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